Members Projects

This is a page to show off some projects our members have built. If you would like to have your project added to the page, please email information about it and pictures to KK4FVC. Scroll down to see all the projects.


Portable Radio Box by Frank, KO4FD

The box houses at Motorola 1225 and a Jetstream power supply. Frank developed the box for public service events and as a loaner to new hams in the club until they can get their own radio.

Go-Kit by Mack, KK4IRV and Lucas, KK4FVC

The go kit was developed as a way Mack could easily keep a radio with him as he traveled for work. The kit will also be used at public service events the club participates in. The kit consists of a Kenwood V71a and a 15 amp MFJ power supply. The kit can run on standard 110v electricity or external 12v battery.

ARES Kit with Portable Antenna by John, KM4QZV

Thanks to Mark N1KFC for the suggestion on the Ed Fong antenna.  Works great!  I went with the base model DBJ-1 and fashioned me a PVC stand with height options and a eye hook for hanging from a tree too.  I reach all the local repeaters inside the house and outside mounted on the stand. I am enjoying the 25 watt 2 meter-70 cm mobile radio paired with a 12 Volt 10 amp battery with a battery tender charger and cigar plug option too. Works as my base station and very mobile too.  Net result is I am ready for field work or ARES deployment.