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  1. I stumbled across your club web site and I must say, I am impressed. You folks have done a great job in such a short time. You have all rights to be proud of your club and how much you have accomplished, because I sure am. Your web site has surpassed many older clubs and I know your membership will grow. Keep up the GOOD WORK. 73 Abey KD4MEA

  2. I count the creation of Hampstead Hams as one of the hallmarks in North Carolina over the past few years. HH is an amazing group full of public service spirit, comradery and fellowship, and a vision of where and how Amateur Radio can help our community.

  3. I have to echo Abey,Jerry and Bill’s comments also. I feel that the Hampstead Hams club will go a long way In bring together that old ham radio fellowship feeling that I had years ago. You know In order to build anything in life a good foundation is needed. Hampstead Hams has done just that! 73’s Rick Kd4jrx

  4. Many thanks to the Hampstead Hams who stepped up to help me find a fellow ham to help a long-time friend in need.

    A Tip o’ the Hat to David, N4CAT, for repairing an ‘ancient’ LaFayette tuner, the owner of which…she and I went to Winter Park (FL) High School in the ’50s-’60s…is extremely grateful to be able to listen to the wonderful sounds from what her father had built for her and her sister over a half-century ago.

    Her name is Larilyn Swanson, an active and accomplished artist, and she lives among y’all in Hampstead. She is getting back into her passion since moving to the Mainland from Topsail Beach recently. If you see her work, give her a shout!

    Again, thank y’all…THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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